We believe brands should not have to compromise their standards to advertise on mobile. We’re an entirely new mobile media platform. We leapfrog outdated legacy technologies. We’re the first integrated, end-to-end mobile advertising technology that solves the biggest hurdles in mobile today. That means better quality, better value, and better results for brand marketers.

Creative Executions

On-brand Creative

Our beautiful and highly customizable ad units are built to harness the power of mobile, by presenting your users with immersive brand experiences. Our proprietary AdKit™ technology assures that your ads render flawlessly across networks, so you never have to sacrifice quality for scale.  View Ad Gallery

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Our robust targeting platform consolidates first- and third-party data to fine-tune your audience by demographic, device, and location. Meanwhile, our AdScore™ quality index ensures audience quality and transparency.  Learn More

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4 out of 5 mobile impressions today are fraudulent or don’t render, and with our AdScore™ technology, we can tell you which ones. Our AdKit™ container ensures your ads function perfectly across channels, while the AdScore™ index assesses ad quality and app reputation to protect you from mobile fraud.

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Unrivaled Scale

We give you access to a network of premium mobile apps, including some of the most recognizable titles in the world.


“Our campaign’s results were amazing! Anytime you base something on a universal human insight, it has the potential to be really big. This has the potential – more so than I’ve seen from other advertising platforms.”
- Jason Duff, P&G
“The Mobile Majority is helping re-invent the advertising business, finding more relevant ways to reach consumers through targeted engagement.”
- Christopher Eich, Disney
“The ad is unique because it provides a compelling and native, in-app entertainment experience that educates consumers about the benefit of the product.”
- Brian Pope, Neuro
“[The Mobile Majority] gives brands a way to reach new customers [...] and offer something special to create interaction and emotion previously not possible with other forms of advertising.”
CNN Money
“The Mobile Majority has been like gold dust for our customer acquisition. We have seen a major lift in acquisition rates, and this has been a very positive ROI channel for us.”
- Andrew Bilinsky, BeachMint


Whether you’re looking to generate brand awareness, grow your user base, or simply stay in touch with your customers, we have a solution for you.

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