The Mobile Majority Shifts Executive Leadership to Lead New Combined Entity with Gimbal - The Mobile Majority
The Mobile Majority Shifts Executive Leadership to Lead New Combined Entity with Gimbal

The Mobile Majority Shifts Executive Leadership to Lead New Combined Entity with Gimbal

February 17, 2017 – Los Angeles, California

The Mobile Majority, the leading data execution and monetization solution, announced significant shifts in the structure of its executive leadership team today.

Matthew Russo, former Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as Chief Revenue Officer; former Chief People and Privacy Officer, Art Elizarov, will be taking over as Chief Operating Officer; and Marcos Escalante, formerly Head of Product, has been promoted to the position of Chief Product Officer.

This news comes on the heels of The Mobile Majority’s recent acquisition of Gimbal, the leading enterprise-grade mobile engagement and location intelligence platform based out of San Diego. The acquisition gives The Mobile Majority the ability to create stronger audience targeting capabilities and enable true offline-to-online attribution.

“In an era of such industry fragmentation, it’s a tall order to build a solution that can maintain and execute against the value of such rich data,” said CEO, Rob Emrich. “I couldn’t be more confident in the leadership we have in place to bring that solution to market.”

Escalante’s promotion reinforces The Mobile Majority’s commitment to being a product-first company and emphasizes the importance of understanding the intersection of technology and business. His extensive experience in mobile, data, and adtech at Atlas, Microsoft, and Datalogix previously will help pilot the newly combined entity as it continues to provide innovative data execution solutions for brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies.

As COO, Russo spent the past 18 months building many of the internal processes scale the young company which helped earn the title of LA’s Fastest Growing Tech Company. Now, he will be refocusing his effort as CRO to fuel additional revenue growth across all lines of business.

“There’s an incredible amount of synergy between both sets of technology,” said Russo, who originally joined The Mobile Majority as Head of Marketing. “Marrying a world-class media execution and monetization solution with this amount of location intelligence, source data, and hardware will fuel even better outcomes than our customers are already used to experiencing.”

Taking over for Russo as COO is Art Elizarov, who will work to ensure the combined company’s people are aligned around its joint mission, its legal and privacy processes are firmly set, and that the company-wide culture continues to thrive.

“As two companies become one and begin to grow together, it’s vital that we grow in the same direction with a central purpose,” said Elizarov.

Together, these moves solidify the organization’s leadership that is comprised of both The Mobile Majority and Gimbal executives and streamlines communication between all departments.

About The Mobile Majority
Based out of Santa Monica, California, The Mobile Majority is a mobile advertising solution that leverages a vertically-integrated technology stack built atop a sophisticated data infrastructure to enable advertisers, publishers, and media companies to serve the most efficient, effective, and targeted advertising in the world. Visit to learn more.

About Gimbal
Initially incubated within Qualcomm Incorporated and based out of San Diego, California, Gimbal’s platform combines macro-location geofences and micro-location beacons with a cloud-based solution to build, manage, and analyze location-first mobile experiences and data. Visit for more information.

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