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Advertising for Good

Our Plan

At the Mobile Majority, we believe in the powerful and positive impact of advertising.

The Majority Foundation was conceived to illustrate that through talent, technology, and leadership, we can be a vehicle for change. Powering this vehicle is our team of powerful resources: engineers, sellers, marketers, and senior leaders.

In addition to our own resources, we are partnering with a number of other organizations to support and influence ideas, local communities, and local and national charities.

We are setting out to prove that any company, in any industry, can make the world a better place.

We are advertising for Good.


How You Fit In

In addition to enacting thought leadership and best practices at work and in the community, we have created The Mobile Ad Council, a council dedicated to delivering public service advertising in the mobile space. Our mission is to provide valuable screen time for significant public issues to raise awareness, promote education and enact change. After all, knowledge is power.

We connect non-profit organizations in need of a louder voice with far-reaching media companies desiring to effect change.

We produce pro-bono campaigns in-house, from start to finish. All we need is donated ad space from media companies, and non-profits hungry for awareness.

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