Mobile Ad Targeting & Advertising Solutions

We don’t believe in industry-specific solutions. That’s because we are focused on solving the biggest hurdles facing mobile advertising at large like increasing reach, decreasing fraud, and improving viewability for everyone.

Instead, we have a range of solutions that help brands reach the right audience with the right message at the right time – no matter their scale or budget. And since every rich-media ad we build and deploy is custom, it helps achieve the objectives of their campaigns more quickly.

Advertising Solutions for Any Objective

Available options for your rich-media campaigns.


Brands looking to drive awareness, launch national campaigns, broaden coverage, or simply sustain their exposure can benefit from AdSynergy™.

Brands can now drive engagement with new and existing audiences with the confidence that the impressions they’re paying for are being seen.

Background and Full-Screen Videos are perfect for driving awareness. When tied to AdCast™ analytics, brands can tie campaign metrics to high-level branding objectives like impressions, engagements, brand lift, and social shares.


Launching something new in specific cities or areas of the country?

Geographically-focused campaigns can stretch your advertising dollars further by focusing on consumers with access to your locations or offers. Regional campaigns also allow brands to focus on metrics further down the funnel.

The Mobile Majority’s Inline Video Ads are single screen units with embedded video and call-to-action capabilities. End users initiate the video, making this solution perfect for message introduction and recall.


Campaigns can also be customized to help brands on a more granular level.

For product launches, we can tie key buying activited to campaign metrics like brochure downloads, store locator inquiries, and photo gallery views.

Our Inline Video + Offer is a great solution for both conquesting (new customer acquisition) and retention (maintenance of existing relationships). After initiating the video, users are rewarded on the second screen with an incentive or discount for the promoted product.


The people who are most likely to buy are those who have already raised their hands and signaled they are ready to purchase soon. With In-Market Campaigns, brands are able to target those who have previously visited their site, made a purchase, or interacted with a previous campaign.

They can also target new prospects who are in the consideration process and will likely make a buying decision within the next 3-6 months using 1st-party data, the 209 million+ unique IDs in our database, or 3rd-party providers.

CRM or Customer Acquisition Ads harnesses the power of email or phone number opt-in to allow brands to build long-term and mutually rewarding relationships with consumers.


Lastly, our near-market solutions can help brands build campaigns around the demographic data of related audience types.

New line of bicycles? Target productivity app users who love coffee and frequent vegan recipe blogs.

Ready to announce a family-friendly cross-over SUV? Share your message with outdoor enthusiasts 30 years and older who live within 50 miles of the most active communities in the country.

Our Rich Media Ads deliver immersive brand experiences, by way of interactive, highly customizable ad units. Rich media ads can be coupled with calls-to-action or forms and come in a number of formats including: interactives, animations, mini-games/puzzles, tap-to-map, and add-to-calendar.

Since 2011, we have helped brands across a range of industries reach their mobile advertising goals.

Industries We Impact

We deliver more opportunities for consumers to exercise key buying activities through:

  • A variety of available rich-media and video ad units to choose from
  • Superior ad deliverability
  • Unmatched viewability through verified impressions
  • Advanced audience targeting through in-house and 3rd-party integrations
  • Fully transparent reporting (real-time and post-campaign)
  • Top-notch client and campaign support

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