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The World’s First Vertically Integrated Mobile Ad Platform

AdSynergy Integrated Mobile Solution

Introducing an entirely new mobile media platform that leapfrogs outdated
legacy technologies and solves the biggest hurdles in mobile advertising today.


Our proprietary DSP makes it easier than ever to buy real-time mobile phone and tablet ad impressions.


AdSynergy’s complete suite of products helps agencies and brands target, optimize, track data, protect against fraud, and more.


Fewer moving parts means less waste. Plus, advanced technology like AdKit™ and AdScore™ ensure your ads are seen by humans.

Everything Works Better Together

All of the benefits of working with ad networks, with none of the compromises.

Better connections means better results. By significantly reducing the number of vendors needed to execute a mobile campaign, we’re able to deliver faster bid responses, verified ad delivery, higher engagement rates, and ultimately – lower costs per campaign.

Complete Mobile Campaigns from a Single Platform

Mobile media


Choose where your ads will appear through our wide range of exchanges.

Mobile Audience Targeting


Build specific, data-rich audiences to pinpoint the people you want to reach.

Mobile ad creative


Build beautiful, engaging rich-media ads that will render on any device.

Mobile ad analytics


Reporting made easy. Track what matters without ever leaving our platform.

What Adsynergy Does

What It Does

AdSynergy connects The Mobile Majority’s proprietary products into a unified ad platform.

  • Create and serve beautiful rich media ads
  • Gain access to the most complete database of verified device owners
  • Deliver 1st party data-driven, location based ad campaigns to mobile users

Our campaigns offer audience insights and geo-located measurements, including current or historical individual’s locations and custom targets, without an SDK and with unrivaled data analytics.

How It’s Different

The industry still relies on outdated technology intended for image-based desktop ads. It’s why brands experience inordinate amounts of breakage, incorrect placement, and overall leakage between the steps it takes to buy, create, and serve engaging rich-media mobile ads.

Existing solutions only offer one or two services each (like analytics or data or creative). Fragmenting the process costs more money and time, and increases the risk for fraud, broken imagery, and incorrect serving.

AdSynergy™ eliminates the need for multiple vendors and provides your brand with the tools you need to completely control your campaigns.

How AdSynergy is Different
How AdSynergy is Better

Why It’s Better

AdSynergy™ improves every piece of the mobile advertising process to deliver:

Greater Impact

We help tell your brand’s stories through rich media and video that work flawlessly in any environment – without an SDK. Gain access to an entirely new pool of high-impact inventory that no one else can deliver.

Higher Viewability

Don’t settle for your ads being among the 40% industry average that go unseen. Proprietary products like AdScore™ can assess ad quality and app reputation to protect you from mobile fraud as well as ensuring content appropriateness and that your ads are going to the right devices with the proper capabilities.

Better Audiences

We can find your customers with precision and scale. Our non-commoditized database includes 225 million offline data profiles of US adults across 400 million devices. You’ll get access to the audience your brand needs.

Lower Costs

Eliminate the most costly steps associated with successful campaigns by eliminating the need for outside vendors. Instead, call on AdSynergy’s integrated products to select your media, refine your audience, build your creative assets, and track the effectiveness of your campaign.

How It Works

See how our mobile media platform solves the biggest hurdles in mobile advertising today.
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