Aspen Audience - The Mobile Majority

You have data.

Unlock its value.

Build Your Own Audience Network

Don’t let valuable data go to waste.

Turn dormant assets into revenue by selling targeted campaigns outside your owned and operated inventory.


Monetize your data with the necessary technical power and reach to compete

Create a unique revenue asset with zero additional overhead or cost

Generate Valuable Proprietary Segments

Charge more for access to real people.

Upload your consumer data to gain valuable insights, match identity information to key behavioral data, and create custom audience segments that only you can offer your advertisers

The end result: an asset comprised of real people.

Maintain unique audiences that only you can sell and deliver against

Discover additional devices owned by your audience

Develop granular segments based on deterministic data your own

Tap Into the Audience Collective

Benefit from access to the purest, most diverse set of deterministic audience data available.

The Audience Collective is built by partners just like you. Each contributes its own valuable insights to create a robust library of universal attributes that all partners benefit from.

Blend your local data with rich global data

Universal attributes available to all

When you contribute, you benefit

Monetize Your Audience at Scale

Sell your audience, no matter where they go.

Your newfound asset now offers advertisers inventory with near limitless scale delivered by the only truly vertically-integrated mobile advertising platform on the market.

Full-service staff builds, traffics and monitors campaigns for you

Mobile optimized static and rich creatives available

Pre-bid analytics for relevant and viewable placements


Premium, brand-safe inventory across all mobile media sources


Transparent reports on engagement, placements, viewability & more

Increased CPM means more revenue on the data you already own

Advertisers want access to your audience,

Now you have a way to provide it.